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      • Production System
      • R&D System
      • Quality Management System
      Production system
      Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd. has Thirteen production sites involved in Pharmaceutical(Intermediates, API, Finish Products), Crop Science, Advanced Material Industries. Zhejiang Yongtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Chiral Medicine Chemical Co., Ltd. are both US FDA and China GMP certified API production sites. The automatic production line and other major production facilities are all purchased from specialized pharmaceutical production equipment manufacturers around the world.
      ◎ An complete industry chain is formed by implementing monitoring step by step from intermediates to API synthesis to finish products.
      ◎ API and Finish product workshops and facilities are designed, implemented and validated according to US and EU GMP standard, state of the art production facilities, production line, equipment, indicators and control system are introduced.
      ◎ Professional production management, well-trained technician, regular training and certification system ensure better production.
      ◎ Strict process and cleaningvalidations ensure the stability and reliability, and eliminates the possibility of cross contamination.
      ◎ Real-time monitoring and strict process control are conducted during production, ensuring the whole production process conforms with designation.
      ◎ Standardized production is guaranteed through effectively regular preventive maintenance system and measuring management control.
      API Production Site
      SIS operate center
      Tank area
      Display module
      Finish product manufacturing site
      Automatic packing machine
      Double cone vacuum drier
      Fette Presser
      BOSCH capsule filling machine
      Grant fluidized bed
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