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      Pharmaceutical Division

      Pharma (API+INT+CDMO)

      Domestic trade phone:+86-0576-85588833
      Add.:No.1, 5th Donghai Ave, Zhejiang Provincial Chemical and Medical Raw Materials Base Linhai Zone.
      Project Introduction
      Research of fluorinated pharmaceutical compounds is one of the popular direction since fluorinated pharmaceutical compounds are characterized byminor dosage, hypo-toxicity, high efficacy and rapid metabolism. One third of the launched and researching drugs are based on fluorinated fine chemicals.
      Currently Yongtai serves international pharmaceutical companies with fluorinated pharmaceutical compounds applied todrugs in fields including anti-diabet, anti-virus , cardiovascular , anti-bacterial quinolones, and nervous system etc..
      Intermediates of Diabetes drug Sitagliptin
      Sitagliptin is the first Type II diabetes medicine that applies mechanism of DDP-4 inhibitor, product name Januvia, it is a patented medicine from MSD US, the total sales amount is $4 billion annually. Yongtai holds the patents and also is the biggest manufacturer of key intermediates.
      Intermediates of Sofosbuvir - Antivirus drug for Hepatitis C
      Sofosbuvir is a patented hepatitis C drug developed by Gilead Science US, the product is approved by US FDA in December 2013, by EDQM in January 2014. Sofosbuvir is the first approved oral medicine for hepatitis C, and the first medicine reached $10 billion sales in the same year of approval. Key intermediates of Sofosbuvir manufactured by Yongtai is patented, also Yongtai is the largest supplier of such product globally.
      Additionally, company invested Yongtai Pharmaceutial for pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing, established R&D center in US Medicine Valley to apply and sell generic drugs. Yongtai is building vertical integration layout from intermediates to formulation, relying on Yongtai’s fluorinated intermediates manufacturing advantages.
      Related Subsidiaries
      Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd., Site 1 (Headquarters)
      Located in Zhejiang Provincial Chemical and Medical Raw Materials Zone Linhai Site, Taizhou, Zhejiang. 400 kms from Shanghai
      Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd., Site 2
      Located in Zhejiang Provincial Chemical and Medical Raw Materials Zone Linhai Site, Taizhou, Zhejiang. 400 kms from Shanghai
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