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      • 1999
        Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded
      • 2007
        Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd. to complete the share reform
      • 2008
        Listed in the first batch of“High-tech enterprises”
      • 2009
        Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange(002326.SZ)
      • 2011
        The enterprise R & D organization is recognized as“Zhejiang Yongtai Fine Chemical Research Institute” by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the enterprise technology development team is named as“Zhejiang key enterprise technology innovation team”
      • 2012
        In the United States to establish R & D Center, focusing on pharmaceutical R & D registration, the establishment of Yongtai pharmaceuticals began to medicine vertical integration industry chain construction
      • 2015
        Acquired Shanghai E-tong Chemical Co., Ltd. and improvement of plant protection sector layout; designated as“National Enterprise Technology Center”
      • 2016
        Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , the pharmaceutical industry to build a vertical integration of the industrial chain. Established Shaowu Yongtai Hi-tech Materials Co., Ltd. began to enter the field of new energy lithium electric materials
      • 2018
        The vertical integration industrial chain of plant protection plate has been preliminarily established
      • 2019
        Established Inner Mongolia Yongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. , focusing on the production of fine chemicals containing fluorine
      • 2021-2022
        Build a new energy lithium-electric plate vertical integration industry chain
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