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      • EHS management system
      • Commonweal foundation
      EHS Management Overview
      • EHS Policy
      • EHS Target
      • EHS Management Organization
      • Safety Standardization System
      • ISO14001Certification
      • OHSAS18001 Certification
      Safety and loss prevention
      Safety Training: Third gradesafety training; Daily safety training; Skill training;
      High-risk Operation Management:Hot work safety management;Work at heightsafety management;Lifting operation safety management;
      Emergency management: Emergency response and organize system; Completed emergency rescue facilities; Emergency rescue plan; Emergency preplan drill;
      High-risk operation management: Limited space operation management; Blind plate plugging operation management; Lock sign operation management;
      Process Safety Management: Process safety information management; Process Hazard Analysis;Safety opration procedure; Process Change Management; Pre-Startup Safety Review;
      High-risk operation management: Excavation Work Management; Road Breaking Management,Temporary Electricity safety management
      Process safety lab: Tsu Thermal screening Unit; ARC Accelerating Rate Calorimeter;Reaction Calorimeter;
      Fire extinguishing system: fire alarm system; fire hydrant system; fire sprinkler system; water cannon system; foam extinguishing system;
      Safety facilities: mechanical protective device; safety relief device; electrostatic eliminator; nitrogen protection system; DCS control system;
      Safety activities: Security Observation and Communication;Visual and Standardized Workshops;Security Milestone Activities;
      Occupational Health
      Occupational Hazard Notification: Occupational Hazard Notification; Occupational Hazard Factor Notification; Occupational Health Physical Examination Notification
      Engineering control measures: Prioritize the use of low-hazard materials; Mechanized and Enclosed production equipment; Ventilation and exhaust facilities;
      Occupational Hazard Notification: Occupational Hazard Factor monitoring results Notification
      Engineering control measures: Automatic production equipment
      Personal protection: Head Protection; Respiratory Protection; Face Protection; Ear Protection;
      Occupational Health Monitoring: Pre-Employment Physical Exam; On-the-job Physical Exam; Off-the-job Physical Exam
      Personal Labor Protection: Hand Protective; Feet Protective; Body Protection; Fall Protection;
      Occupational Health Monitoring: Daily inspection of Occupational Hazard Factor; Evaluation of Occupational Hazard Factor;
      Environment Protection
      Occupational Hazard Notification: Occupational Hazard Notification; Occupational Hazard Factor Notification; Occupational Health Physical Examination Notification
      Waste gas treatment system: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer; Low temperature plasma waste gas treatment device; Bio-trickling filter
      Waste water treatment system: Sewage treatment system; Accident Emergence Pool; Hazardous Material Storage and Disposal
      Loss prevention: Tank cofferdam; Emergency collection pool; Drain valve blinding plate;
      EHS Facility
      Production procedure involves health, safety, safety systems and related functions.
      EHS Training of Process Operation for Personnel before operation/rotation.
      EHS department should implement safety inspection on exhaust system and safety protection measures installed in lab, office and maintenance workshop.
      Set up storage facilities with signage system to avoid mixing, such as warehouses, irrigated areas and waste storage sites, and install specialized protection systems.
      Material Reception and AcceptionSystem
      Material Handling
      TrainingTank StorageTank
      Maintenance and calibration of EHS equipment: safety instrument, lifting equipment, pressure vessel and exhaust system.
      Yongtai Clean Management

       Yongtai human rights integrity report mailboxtousu@yongtaitech.com

       Yongtai exclusive mailbox for human rights, 

        complaints and rationalization suggestionstsjy@yongtaitech.comc

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